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FALCONEER Technologies also provides the following services:

Process Monitoring Service – we can track any significant fault diagnosis alarms and update you and your team if there are significant problems or conditions you may be missing and may need some action or decision.  We know that with your busy schedules and rotating personnel, you don’t always have the time to pay full attention to the timely analysis or advice.  Based on customer feedback, we know this new service will help.

Enhancing Your Current System:

•  Using your updated systems for operators & engineers to take advantage of real-time trending, event-based alarming, audible alarming for the control room and electronic links to documentation such as Standard Operating Procedures or Troubleshooting Manuals directly from the dashboard.

•  Incorporating pump and control valve diagnostics or other unmeasured variable into your existing system.

Customized implementation & startup support

Comprehensive on and off-site training - Additional Web-based or On-site based training or refresher training for new engineers or control room operators. 

Annual maintenance, optimization and troubleshooting - Annual system performance review to see if updating or tuning is needed, especially if your process has changed due to recent capital projects or new operating conditions. 

1. Determine if anything about the tag or related equipment or process has been changed in the recent past.  Possible changes include: 

       i.    Instrument repair or recalibration

       ii.   Associated equipment repair or replacement

       iii.  Associated control valves repaired, replaced or retuned

       iv.  Associate standard operating conditions changed and

             “normal” or “baseline” operation is different.

       v.   Associate standard operating procedures changed and

            “normal” or “baseline” operation behavior is different

2.  We will review the impact on models and alarms to ensure all alarms are actionable and not nuisance.

Process Engineering & Control Consulting

Additional Technical Expertise (click to download pdf)

Network and Process Control System Security Audits

(see How to Secure a SCADA System)


  Solution for Information Overload from Process Control System

  Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  Package ensues Quality Data to Asset Management Software

  Real-Time, Auto-Generating Process Monitoring Suite

  Generation of Realistic Alarm by Providing Better Fault Detection

  Cost Reduction - Reducing Operational Expenditure